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SEM - Raptor Lighting

We are proud to announce that NexSale has reached an agreement with SEM for exclusive representation of their extensive line of lighting products inlcuding the leading edge line of Raptor LED fixtures and replacement lights.

Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures specification grade, recessed, surface mount and low profile linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, incandescent, and LED fixtures and lamps.

NexSale are Manufacturers Representatives, offering enhanced professional sales services to vendors seeking experienced market veterans.

In addition to SEM & Raptor Lighting, our portfolio includes products UV Dynamics Ultraviolet water sterilization equipment, iSolar solar power recharging stations for iPod and iPad and safety and security products from SWS, Canada's largest supplier of goods and services to the institutional health and correctional marketplaces.

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UV Dynamics

Raptor Lighting

Athenatech USA

SWS Detention

Ultraviolet drinking water Disinfection is recognized as effective by the US EPA, World Health Organization and other leading health organizations.

SEM offers a wide variety of conventional and LED lighting fixtures and luminaires (lamps, bulbs) covering nearly every application from home and office to industrial, security, institutional and roadway.

Due to the avialability of an in house design team, SEM can provide custom designs to fit the most particular need.

SEM also offers private labelling and retail ready products.

SEM products are cUL and UL approved.

Athenatech USA is a provider of the iSolar portable solar recharging kit. What makes it the most effective portable solar charging solution available today?:

  • iSolar Folds into a small and lightweight package
  • Features an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller which ensures that the maximum charging condition is consistently maintained. 
  • The kits are available at introduction in 10, 20 and 40 Watt configurations.

SWS is Canada's premiere provider of intensive use products and services. SWS Detention Group is a full service distributor of correctional and detention products as well as a contractor in the supply and installation of detention equipment. SWS Health care provides behavioral health care products for facilities such as psychiatric hospitals, shelters, transitional housing facilities and youth treatment centers. SWS Dormitory specializes in products for living quarters such as military barracks and student dormitories.