About NexSale

Mission & Vision

To represent innovative products that are best in class

 where their primary focus is to improve quality of life, safety and security.

We regularly receive invitations to represent products and services. Most companies we hear from are reputable and offer quality, competitive products that are well backed. NexSale chooses to pursue opportunities where we are able to maintain focus on our Mission. 

We believe that a great many products that will shape the future are yet undiscovered gems. Products and Services that remain in the minds of their inventors or that require further development. NexSale can help with an assessment of the potential for success. If you share our vision and you are looking for a like minded representative firm, please contact us with your ideas.

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Rob Rudan is an experienced Channel Sales expert with over twenty five years of solid experience. In particular he has held senior roles in Sales and Business Management, Product Management and Sales for industry leading brands like Philips Electronics, Packard Bell, Commodore and Cinram International.

“I am proud to be a NexSale partner. Being a part of NexSale adds significant value to what might otherwise be regional relationships. We can harness the power of other like minded Independent Sales Agencies to add broader geographic coverage and to better leverage national and international relationships in broader product categories.”

“NexSale is about a single entity managing outsourced sales and management activities. This is done through a network of ISA’s (Independent Sales Agencies) who meet a high standard of professionalism and success. The benefits of this team structure will be realized by our client companies and the member ISA’s.” 

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