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Be a sellout

Sales success begins with a plan

Navigating Rocks & Shoals

Selling in Canada can be daunting. 

Canada is officially bilingual and spans an extraordinarily large geographic area with a population of about that of California.

Our hard won knowledge, gained through decades of local experience will help you gain efficiencies from the start.

Specialty Channels

Large Retail
Custom Manufacturing Services
Wholesale Distribution
Specialty Retail and independent Channels
Direct B2B


Consumer Electronics
Water & Plumbing
Packaging Assembly and Light Manufacturing
Third Party Logistics

Where We Are

NexSale Manufacturer Representative has offices in strategically located in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Canada regions. We are situated within easy travel distance of 80% of the North American market by population.

In Canada the overwhelming number of decision makers are located in the Greater Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa areas. All within easy reach.

Mission & Vision

To work successfully with innovative people who strive to be best in class.