Experience & Excellent Contacts

NexSale Manufacturer Representatives is operated by Robert Rudan, with over twenty-five (25) years of Sales and Sales Management experience with various industry leaders operating in the USA and Canada. 

Rob has broad industry experience in North America including especially the following industries:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Retail Placement
  • Media Manufacturing and Distribution (Music, Software, Home Video, Direct Mail, USB)
  • Packaging Assembly and Light Manufacturing including Commercial grade consumer packaging and Food grade packaging
  • Third Party Logistics

Market Coverage

NexSale Manufacturer Representatives has offices in strategically located in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Canada regions. We are situated within easy travel distance of 80% of the North American market by population.

We offer representation in the USA and Canada. Short commuter flights to the USA from either Vancouver or Toronto, place us within the significant majority of the continental US metropolitan density.

In Canada the overwhelming number of decision makers are located in the Greater Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa areas. All within easy reach by car from our respective offices.

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Flexible Terms 

Your sales force labor costs are tied to revenue.

  1. You don't have to carry added staff in down markets. You won't have to make panic hiring decisions when things get busy. 
  2. We understand that you need the freedom to make decisions about your business. We are open to discuss your needs and working out terms to our mutual satisfaction.
  3. If you are re-structuring a sales team, consider the advantages of consistency and costs associated with re-structuring. You may be able to place your team with us.

Core Services

Line Representation
Product Management
Package Design

Your product is your livelihood. It's ours as well. We will study your product and your plan.

We'll work with you to present a well thought professional Sales Plan for your approval. "Plan the work and work the plan"!

Do you have co-op marketing plans or discretionary marketing funds or "spiff" rewards? We know that these can be difficult to implement, manage and track, but we can do that for you.

Much of what you want to achieve will come from working smarter as opposed to harder.

The key to any Product Management initiative is to "help Sales sell". This includes the most basic approaches to ensuring that: products are well defined product information is well prepared and easily obtained the product is easy to configure and order.

Effort up front in ensuring the basics are looked after will make the effort downstream much more successful.

Is your product suited to the intended market? You might have a great product but there might just be that “one little detail” that prevents ultimate success. At worst that “one little detail” if not resolved can derail your plans and cost you plenty.

You need to know if your product can in fact be marketed in the territories intended and how to make it most appealing to your customer.

Local market conditions and legislation can make bringing a product to a new territory a confusing matter. Don`t risk it without local expert guidance.

If your product is imported into North America in bulk but is destined for individual sale, it will very likely need to be packaged for its trip through the supply chain.

Packaging locally is potentially a very wise choice. We have the personal expertise, experience and contacts to provide the packaging that will best reflect your product to your customers.

From package design and fabrication to translation services, we can manage this on your behalf.

We can arrange for manual or automated assembly of your goods close to your market.

The reasons for your needing this might range from the fact that you don`t have the resources to perform the function or you might need to physically bundle one or more products together to create a new SKU.

This activity is 100% scalable to your needs and usage. We have the resources to provide you with commercial grade, shelf ready assembly services to your specification for consumer goods, food products and the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

NexSale can provide you with a host of 3PL services through our network of providers. You may require a wide variety of services or just a few. Whether you need these services on a temporary basis or over the long term, we will see that you get what you need at competitive rates.

You might need to consider: Warehousing and Storage

  • Pick. Pack, Ship/Blind Ship
  • Freight Management Service
  • Inventory Cycle Counts
  • Import/Export capabilities
  • IT reporting and EDI
  • e-Commerce
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Inventory Insurance
  • Payable and Receivable 
  • Management
  • Local Tax collection

As experienced business managers, NexSale principals may contribute significantly by directly managing certain aspects of your business.

While Sales & Marketing operations are our specialty, NexSale can add significant value in a Consulting Management role addressing total business structure, funding/budgeting and operations.

This service is of particular use to smaller organizations where a complete executive and management structure is not in place.